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Our company has expertise in the production of Atatürk Posters, offering alternative visuals and extensive manufacturing experience. We provide custom sizing according to the area and space you want to use. We strictly employ digital printing techniques and utilize top-quality materials. Atatürk Posters, which are the most preferred type of posters, are typically hung on building facades, so we use weather-resistant fabrics and ensure durable stitching.

Atatürk Posters are printed on polyester crepe and polyester satin fabric using digital printing methods, and they can be produced in the desired dimensions.

Dimensions: 100x150 cm, 150x225 cm, 200x300 cm, 300x450 cm, 400x600 cm, 500x750 cm, 6x9 m, 8x12 m, 10x15 m.

WhatsApp: +90 539 854 72 00