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The Office Flag is an item that represents the institution or organization you are affiliated with. It is typically displayed on executive desks and in office spaces. It is the most prominent visual element representing our country, as well as other countries and brands.

Having the Office Flag on your desk is also a symbol of prestige. The purpose of using this type of flag may vary in Public Institutions and Private Organizations. However, its main objective is to emphasize to your guests that the area you represent carries a brand value.

While the Office Flag representing countries serves a slightly different purpose, it is ultimately a symbol of existence and the respective country's brand emblem.

Areas of Use for the Office Flag:

  • Public Institutions
  • Private Organizations
  • Executive Desks
  • Individual Use
  • Corporate Use

Fabric Type: Crystal satin

Printing Type: Digital printing

Accessories: Glitter Fringe, PVC Acetate

Office Flagpoles:

Material: Chrome or Yellow Plating

Size: Height 245 cm

Base Tray Diameter: 30 cm

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