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Sail Flag is a type of flag used by every institution and organization that wants to attract attention in outdoor areas or exhibition spaces.

The Visual Distinction of the Sail Flag makes it stand out a bit more compared to other types of flags. This distinctiveness also serves as an inspiration for many companies and organizations that want to promote their products or brands.

Especially in today's world, Sail Flags and Beach Flags, which we come across on sidewalks of small businesses located in stands, gas stations, and along the street, are effective advertising tools.

Areas of Use for Sail Flags:

  • All Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
  • Gas Stations
  • Private Institutions
  • Stands
  • Openings and Events
  • Company Entrances
  • Trade Shows
  • Meetings
  • Beaches and Coastal Areas

Preferred Fabric Type: Shiny Raschel 110 gr/m2

Printing and Accessories:

  • Disperse digital printing
  • Sail pole set
  • Weight stabilizer

Dimensions: 50x200 cm, 70x250 cm, 70x300 cm, 100x300 cm, 100x400 cm

The Sail Flag type is prepared for use by being mounted on poles made of durable metal material that forms a sturdy structure. It is made from weather-resistant Polyester Raschel fabric. Digital printing is applied.

Sail Flag Dimensions (cm): 70x250, 70x300, 100x300, 100x400 (Beach Flag)

Teardrop Flag Dimensions (cm): 130x230

Rectangular Flag Dimensions (cm): 70x250, 100x250

You can order Sail Flag varieties that can be used on sturdy barrel drums or iron bases from our corporate company, Seçkin Bayrak.

As Seçkin Bayrak, we prepare all your Sail Flag and Beach Flag orders as soon as possible. You can request a price quote for flag orders. Please call us to get a quick price quote...

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