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The State Flag is a type of flag used by all countries that have proven their worth in the world. The state and national flags, symbolizing the independence struggle of each nation, are represented by various colors and symbols.

State and national flags, which have a wide range of uses, are used in both indoor and outdoor settings, from official ceremonies to various events. State Flags, sometimes hoisted on flagpoles and sometimes highlighted during moments of celebration, are among the essential elements of a nation.

Distinguished Flag has produced Country Flags of many nations in the best possible way for Consulates, Associations, Political Parties, Private Organizations, and all kinds of venues.

Uses of State Flags:

  • Public Institutions
  • Private Institutions
  • Consulates
  • Other Individuals and Organizations
  • Political Parties

Preferred Fabric Types:

  • Shiny Raschel
  • Crystal Satin

Printing and Accessories:

  • Disperse digital printing
  • Matabyon, box

Sizes: 15x22.5 cm, 30x45 cm, 70x105 cm, 100x150 cm

As Distinguished Flag, we promptly prepare all orders for State and Country Flags. You can request a quote right away for your state flag orders.

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